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Factory Evaluation/Factory Auditing(FA)


When you have these questions at the very early stage, maybe you need be certain that the factory was able to fulfill the order within the deadline and meet your required quality level. Factory audit can help you on this.
With high qualified auditors, Portman can help you make your crucial decision on whether you should trust or not, and move forward with a potential supplier. The factory audit report with full information will be emailed to you within 24 hours.
The factory audit can be tailor-made based on below checking points or your special requirements:
- Factory legal status
- Factory profile
- Machinery conditions
- Housekeeping and Cleanliness condition
- Electric power supply
- Delivery/Loading conditions
- Production Capacity
- Quality Management System
- Hygiene/Security
- Environment
Your benefits:
- Through Portman factory audit work, you can get the "feeling" of the factory without being on-the-site.
- Make your decision on whether you should trust and move forward with a potential China supplier.
To receive stable high quality products, it’s very important to assess and track factory’s situation and performance on regularly basis. PORTMAN’s comprehensive factory audit services (based on ISO9001: 2008) allows you to verify the capability of a manufacturer to meet contract conditions for safety, quality, performance, capacity and delivery terms.

Social Accountability Audit

"Pricing, products and services are no longer the sole arbiters of commercial success... it is business that must take the lead in taming the global frontier. Business must take the lead in establishing rule of law in emerging markets. Business must take the lead in stopping bribery. Business must take the lead in bringing order to cyberspace. Business must take the lead in ensuring that technology does not split the world into haves and have nots." (by Dominic A. Tarantino)
To make sure that neither you nor your customers have complaint, PORTMAN suggest the social accountability audit (COC audit) service. PORTMAN auditors will go to the factory to represent your interest to check if it complies with international standard such as SA8000 which is developed by Social Accountability International. Thus Portman could help you find out what type of company you are going to make a deal with. The detail report will be sent within 24 hours
PORTMAN’s Social Responsibility Assessment is covering below elements:
- Child labor
- Forced labor
- Health & Safety
- Freedom of association
- Discrimination
- Disciplinary practices
- Working hours
- Environment protection

Your benefits:
- Enhance your company's competetion.
- Ensure the supplier you have chosen to be socially accountable.
- No need for you to be on-the-site, but you would got more than that.
The aim of social accountability (code of conduct, human rights, ethical requirements) audit/monitoring is to ensure that your business partners abide with your company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. PORTMAN’s social responsibility assessment service helps you identify any non-conformance in your whole supplier chain.
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